The success of my photos depends on the full satisfaction of my client. To ensure this happens, we need to communicate, review my photo style and review your vision.  If the two align. We have a successful equation.  I will not take on an assignment, just to make money.  I will only take on an assignment, if I feel we can produce the visions we both seek.

My Story

Photography has been a hidden passion of mine since I was young.  The aspect that eluded me was creating the vision I saw with my eyes in the final product printed.  Many years later that hurdle has been cleared, and I feel confident in the images I produce.  Not only because they represent what I see, but also what I'm feeling when the photo is created.  Love. Strength. Happiness.  These can be captured, when the right team of subject and photographer work together.

Next Steps...

Let's discuss your goals, what your vision involves and work together on a quote to ensure your dreams become reality.